Place your liquid products at the plants' root zone for optimal benefits with low disturbance with the SpikeWheel™ technology.

Place your liquid products at the plants' root zone for optimal benefits with low disturbance with the SpikeWheel™ technology.

In an age of decreasing profit margins in agriculture, input costs become an important consideration in management decisions. By proper timing of the fertilizer you are better able to match fertilizer needs with the crop potential due to crop conditions and available moisture. SpikeWheel’s single-pass sub-surface liquid injection system places liquid products at an optimal 3 ½" into the soil giving the plant immediate access to nutrients, thus promoting growth.

Here is what others say about the SpikeWheel™:

"The SpikeWheel technology has given us two big advantages. One is to place the fertilizer exactly where the plant needs it — at the root zone. Secondly, it has allowed us to apply the fertilizer at the precise growing stage of the crop. This technology has benefited our growers and operation greatly."

Chris Kilkenny
Sand Hollow Ag Supply
Pendleton, Oregon

"…conservation tillage is going to grow at a much faster pace in our area now that we see the ease of applying fertilizer with the SpikeWheel system. Not only the ease, but the accuracy, and the fact it doesn’t disturb the soil."

Ernst Bippert
Southwest High Cotton Winner 2004

"I am a local sales rep for Monsanto and we are very interested in growing conservation tillage acres across central & south Texas. Currently, most growers in southern Texas have very conventional farming practices; however, there are 2 conservation tillage systems that are most likely to be adopted and practiced in the near future (Strip till & Hip & Go which is a modified stale seed bed or ridge till type system). We do not have much winter in southern Texas and therefore most fertilizer is applied from mid to late November thru early Jan.( Planting usually begins in early to mid February). Also, most fertilizer in conventional systems is applied with a large spreader truck and then incorporated with a field cultivator. This is done for efficiency as farm size is quite large in this part of the state."

"We believe that Roundup Ready corn & cotton along with additional earning opportunities with the new farm bill (conservation security program) and a depressed farm economy will help encourage growers to strongly consider adopting a conservation tillage system (reduced tillage system). The SpikeWheel fertilizer applicator is an excellent means of fertilizing in high residue situations which helps support the benefits of conservation tillage."

Tommy Bertling
Farm Service Manager

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