Advantages for Using this Method for Liquid Application

Precision Sub-Surface Injection

The SpikeWheel design regulates the specific timing of solution placed with each rotation and ensures that liquids flow only when the injector point is directly underneath the wheel. The precision system allows you to control usage, speed, and pressure, helping you regulate the fertilizer timing to the plants’ needs and to match the soil moisture with the crop potential. By contrast, surface applied liquids often evaporate or fail to penetrate the soil, triggering product loss.

Minimal Disturbance

SpikeWheel’s sub-surface application of liquids allows substances to be applied to even the most sensitive crops. The SpikeWheel will not damage the roots of the growing crop – including carrots, cotton, or other fine-stemmed crops. Also fits well into minimum till situations. Compare this to knife-banding which causes root pruning and contributes to disease and slows the growth of the plant.

Better for the Environment

SpikeWheel’s sub-surface liquid injection puts liquid products directly into the soil, thus decreasing the chances of the fertilizer escaping either through volatilization, water run-off or leaching, which can occur with a split application. SpikeWheels meet the fertilizer management criteria for conservation programs such as the Conservation Security Program (CSP) and the Environment Quality Incentive Program (EQUIP).

Strength and Robustness

Each injector spike is machined from corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a hardened alloy tip. The SpikeWheel is designed to protect the connecting tubes and fittings ensuring trouble free operation.

Showing the difference between using the SpikeWheel™ and not using it.
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