Applications and Capabilities of the SpikeWheel System

By proper timing of the fertilizer you are better able to match fertilizer needs with the crop potential due to crop conditions and available moisture. The SpikeWheel technology decreases the chances of the fertilizer escaping either through volatilization, water run-off or leaching, which can occur with a split application. Since this proven method is one that causes a minimal amount of disturbance to the crop versus what would be caused by a colter injector, knife injector or surface banding, an increase in yield is seen over these traditional application methods.

SpikeWheel system capabilities

  • Maximum speed: 6 miles per hour in most field conditions
  • Application rates:
    Up to 90 gallons per acre on 12 inch spacing
    38 gallons per acre on 30 inch spacing
  • Pressure recommendations for operation:
    20-60 lbs. per square inch
  • Down pressure:
    400 lbs. when combined with the specially-designed spring arm

View SpikeWheel in use on these crops:

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