Q: Will it plug in thick, black, heavy-clay soils?
A: We currently have run wheels in some of the heaviest black, gumbo soils. Specifically near Robstown, Texas. Growers have commented, “If it didn’t plug there, it won’t plug anywhere.”

Q: Will the wheel run in rocky fields?
A: We offer a 7/8” and 3/4” spring arm. Each has its advantages in certain applications. We recommend that the 7/8” arm be used in situations where extra down pressure is needed (no-till, established alfalfa stands, or excessively hard ground). The 3/4” arm provides ample down pressure for hard ground also, but it allows for more flex in fields where rocks may be an issue.

Q: How long will SpikeWheel last?
A: The injection spikes have a life span of 2500 to 3500 miles. The average wear life depends on the abrasiveness of the soil. However the internal parts will experience wear with acres. As a general guideline, a 12 row set-up will run around 5,000 acres before requiring a simple O-Ring replacement. It is important to consider that with an increased number of wheels, and ultimately a wider implement, the number of acres you can fertilize before performing maintenance will increase accordingly.

Q: How do I mount SpikeWheel?
A: Our newly designed spring arm provides a truly versatile mounting system. The actual mounting block has two 5/8" holes drilled on two-inch centers. Producers have mounted wheels on existing toolbars such as "ditcher bars", planters, cultivators, or purchased the wheels on existing carts ranging in size from a small turf applicator up to eighty feet in width.

Q: How fast can I go?
A: Recommended speed for a minimal loss of product is 6.5 miles per hour. You can run the wheels faster, however, we find that with the increased centrifugal force, product “slobbering” out of the points that are not in the ground becomes an issue. One must note that even with this “slobbering,” total product loss still only amounts to 3 percent on a total application basis.

Q: How deep will the injection points penetrate the ground?
A: The points on the wheel will go approximately 3 1/2 inches deep depending on the soil conditions.

Q: What kind of fertilizer solution can I use with the SpikeWheel™?
A: Most all liquid fertilizer solutions can be applied by using the SpikeWheel™. It is not recommended to be used with anhydrous ammonia.

Q: How fast can I travel while applying fertilizer?
A: The recommended rate of speed is up to 5 miles per hour. Speeds above 5 MPH cause the fertilizer to be released from the wheels while they are above ground.

Q: How many gallons per acre can I apply to the crop?
A: You can apply up to 90 gallons per acre. The recommended rate is between 10 and 60 gallons per acre 12" wheel spacings at 5 mph.

Q: How does the SpikeWheel™ work?
A: The metering sleeve only allows fertilizer out to the injection point while it is in the soil. The metering sleeve regulates the amount of solution each point gets so each receives the same amount.

Q: What kind of crops can I use this system with?
A: You can apply fertilizer to most all varieties of growing crops.

Q: How much damage will this do to my crop?
A: Comparing this method to the colter injector and the knife injector the SpikeWheel method is 90% less disturbing to the roots of the growing crop.

Q: What type of soil can I use this in? What happens if my soil is hard?
A: This system works best in most types of soil. Rocky ground doesn't seem to be a problem. If you can sink a spade shovel into the ground by applying pressure with one foot, you can use the SpikeWheel™.

Q: How do I tell how much fertilizer is going to each wheel?
A: The method to determine this is the same as for a shank fertilizer machine. Whatever amount you put through the orifice to the wheel is applied into the soil. See the calibration chart.

Q: When can I use this method to fertilize my fields?
A: This method can be used in growing crops in the spring or fall. It can be used in summer fallow also. It has advantages over a shank machine in high soil residue conditions.

Q: When will I see results after using this machine in a growing crop or on turf?
A: You should see some results anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks depending on most conditions.

The most commonly asked questions concerning the use of the Spoke Application System of Fertilizing.

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