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With new demands such as no till, hard soils, and sod the SpikeWheel™ has been designed with strength, durability and in field reliability in mind. Using the same technology as the spoke wheel the design of the SpikeWheel ™ adds capacities for extra down pressure to meet these conditions for sub surface application.

Enhanced design modifications:

  • Streamlined hardened alloy injection points and a 400-pound down pressure capability enable the SpikeWheel™ to penetrate even the hardest of soils in no-till applications and other established grass and hay stands.
  • The solid dish design provides superior strength in side load situations.
  • SpikeWheel contains a precision-machined distribution hub, which reduces product leakage, increases overall hub life, and is rebuilt with ease.
  • The SpikeWheel's smooth external surface reduces build-up, tangle, and plugging in high residue, tall crops, and muddy conditions.
  • The spring arm is able to apply proper down force, control tracking and alignment and also provides independent protection from obstacles incurred in field situations such as rocks.
  • Sub-surface injection of soil amendments such as surfactants or wetting agents allows for the utilization of these liquids without losses caused from outside elements.

The SpikeWheel provides farmers with a precision tool for fertilizer application. The wheel allows for fertilizer rates to be decreased up to 30%, as you don’t have to compensate for volatilization, runoff, and microbial losses. The flexibility in fertilizer timing in a post-emergent application allows the plant to be fed when it needs it the most, growing less “luxury” foliage, and more of the crop that makes you money.

The SpikeWheel fits into minimum till situations extremely well as it is very low disturbance. In side-band applications, the wheel does not disturb established root systems, cover young plants with soil, or create any tillage that may disrupt your growing crops. In turf and established stand applications, the injection points not only provide for precision fertilizer placement, but also act as an aeration tool. The increased versatility in timing allows the fertilizer package to be matched with crop potential, considering available moisture, and available nutrients. Learn more by viewing the advantages of the SpikeWheel.

In an age of decreasing profit margins in agriculture, input costs become an important consideration in management decisions. The SpikeWheel provides farmers with a tool that gets the best return out of every fertilizer dollar spent. To insure that your input dollars do all they can for you, contact us.

Easy mount spring arm makes attaching the wheels to cultivator bars, planters, etc., a simple task.

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