Subsurface Injection Fertilizer System

 Increased yield and higher quality are perpetual goals of any farmer, and the key to both is cutting-edge technology. Fortunately, increased efficiency is within your grasp with SpikeWheel's subsurface injection fertilizer system. 

Better Crops

 When you apply fertilizer to the surface of the soil, the nutrients don't always reach the plants. Sometimes the liquid evaporates before it reaches the roots, and other times the fertilizer doesn't penetrate the soil appropriately.

Our subsurface injection fertilizer system solves both problems. The spikes on the wheels contain fertilizer that will come out only when the spike is vertical in the earth. In this way, the fertilizer goes directly to each plant, supporting greater crop yield and more efficient use of resources. You won't have to purchase or use as much fertilizer.

You also don't have to worry about the safety of the plants. Our system causes minimal disturbance to the soil. No matter what you grow or how delicate the root system, your cotton, spinach, soybeans, or other product will be better off after our subsurface injection fertilizer system nurtures it.

Better Business

 While in the past the cost of new technology may have stifled your good intentions, our SpikeWheel equipment is your connection to conservation funding. Our injection system meets the requirements of programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP), which means that the government might help you in your fertilization efforts.

And once you utilize SpikeWheel technology, your entire community will benefit. With subsurface injection fertilizer, less fertilizer runs off into community water sources. And because fertilizer runoff can result in polluted water, poor soil quality, wildlife death, and other problems, your use of more efficient fertilizing technology will improve and protect both your community and the planet.

SpikeWheel doesn't just help you produce better crops; we help you raise the bar for your organization and the entire agricultural industry.

To learn more about this groundbreaking technology, call SpikeWheel at (541) 457- 2662.